Say goodbye to graying hair

Our shampoo with a natural technology reduces grey a little bit with each washing, it revives the natural color of hair and makes look nger and more glowing than ever.

Key features:

Anti gray hair shampoo

If have started to notice unwanted gray or white hair on , we know it can be tough, but everything has a solution and Haircare Shampoo is here to bring life back to hair with it's coloring properties, it is a hydrating formula to restore hair to its natural color.

Strong hair with nature's help

This proprietary formula is enhanced with argan oil, rice bran oil, he shou wu extract and algae extract which work together to slow down the discoloration of hair, reducing the graying process while giving it a fresh shine.

Natural, gentle and paraben free

Its restorative formula is not only paraben free, it also uses natural ingredients to revive hair in a safe way. Enhanced with naturally-derived ingredients, Haircare Shampoo enhances color in a natural manner without leaving the hair damaged.

Longer, thicker, fuller hair

An amazing treatment not only helps to inhibit the growth of premature grey hair, but it also adds omega 3s and essential oils. This promotes hair growth and prevents thinning, making mane look thicker, stronger and nger than ever.

What will it look like?

Since Haircare shampoo reduces grey the same way it grows in – gradually, it looks like the natural color of hair before got the grey. How much grey get rid of depends on how often use it. The natural products allow to use it even daily without chance of damaging hair.

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  • Great for all hair types01
  • Restores hair to natural color 02
  • Nourishes and conditions hair03
  • Hair regrowth and strengthening 04
  • Ingredients: Argan oil, Rice bran oil,Algae extract05

Price: € 32.00

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